Sustainability and the planet's well being is really important to me so please read below to find out the steps I take in my small business with sustainability in mind. If you have any suggestions for further steps I could make please get in touch, I'm always eager to learn more ways to improve.



🌳 - Our jewellery is printed and cut in the UK on responsibly sourced wood veneered MDF. The wood that we use comes from sustainable, responsibly managed woodlands, using fast growing woods like Maple, Cherry and Walnut. These woods are removed at the rate of their growth which means that the woodlands, from which they originate will retain their supply and characters indefinitely.

📦 - All our packaging is sourced with sustainability in mind and is recyclable, reused, compostable or biodegradable. Any bubble wrap that is used to package orders is reused from parcels I have received myself in the post.

♺ - All our prints are made from FSC® Certified 250 100% recycled paper, carbon balanced and fully recyclable. Our cards are either printed on sustainably sourced 340 gsm card or 240 gsm card made from recycled materials.



🗑 - All products are designed by me (Loadofolbobbins) and manufactured here in the UK. I order in small batches so wastage is minimal. Any seconds or misprints that naturally occur in the manufacturing process are reused or sold at a discount.


Giving Back

🐦 - As so much of my work is inspired by the wonderful natural world and the wildlife that inhabit it I feel it's only right that a portion of my sales from certain collections go to relevant charities. My 'Birds of a Feather' collection is sold in aid of the RSPB and my 'Ivy League' collection is sold in aid of Buglife.