Do you take commissions?

The short answer is yes I do. The slightly longer answer is it depends on what it is you would like doing and how busy my schedule is at the time of asking. In the past I have done everything from pet portraits, favourite animals and even special embroideries. So if you have a particular project you'd like to see if I can help with just get in touch using the contact form below and we can discuss details.

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Previous commissions

A bright and vibrant original oet portrait illustration of a smiling pembrokeshire corgi dog surrounded by colourful socks with different patterns.
An original digital illustraion of the outside of a semi detatched 1930s house covered in snow and christmas decorations with a reindeer on the roof.
An original hand embroidery piece by Loadofolbobbins showing a scene of a fenland landscape with wildflowers, windmill and a river. Embroidered text on the piece says Any fool can appreciate a mountain.